mother's day

Monday, May 12


On mother's day, I woke up to cinnamon rolls baking in the kitchen and a little boy stirring in the room next to me. I opened his door and peeked over at him in his bed rubbing his eyes. He just laid there for a second, and with a frown coming over his face, he said, "Mama I cranky. I need a love." I scooped him up and brought him over to the rocking chair and we rocked in our pajamas for a while until he was sure his crankiness was as good as gone, and he decided with enthusiasm that this was already, indeed the "best day ever!" And it was the best day ever. We had the most delicious meals all day, and yet my kitchen remained spotless. Everett delivered some flowers straight to my nose with orders to sniff deeply. Long naps were taken to the hum of the air conditioner, phone calls to family were made, and we spent as much time outdoors as we could, soaking up the early summer green. When these pictures were taken, it was right about sunset, when the sounds of birds were beginning to be joined by the crickets, and the temperature was so perfect you couldn't even feel it on your skin. Coupled with the sun soaking through the trees, my family around me and my belly full of life, the evening felt precious, as if it could be a last evening of summer instead of one of the very first. Or maybe it is only these moments of watching Everett run alone, wild and loud through the grass that feel precious and numbered. I am so excited to meet our little girl, to give him a sister, to watch them grow up together and take care of each other. But not a day goes by, in these months counting down to that beautiful day, that I don't think about ways to make this boy, this one boy who made me a mom, feel just as special and important when there's another baby, as I hope he does now, when it's just me and him. This life with him in it is sweet and full. I am so grateful every day that I was given the gift of raising such a tender-hearted spirit.
I hope you had a beautiful day celebrating the women in your life, and happy Mother's Day most especially to my own mom who has been the greatest example and the fiercest force of love and strength in my life.


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