an outfit with sneakers and a tale of a tuesday night

Tuesday, May 13

shoes: ASOS, jeans: c/o Abercrombie, sweatshirt dress: ASOS, hat: H&M

I know it’s called a living room for a reason, but when the three of us are together, our communal place of gathering has always been in our bedroom. For movies, for conversations, for boys-only wresting shenanigans, for shooting 3-pointers into Everett’s basketball hoop and most especially for pizza and cereal nights. So this is where we were, an hour before Everett’s bedtime, when in the middle of Everett jumping on his dad and telling him to stop giving me a kiss, I decided that right that very minute would be a good time for us all to jump in the car and head to Target on a mission to find some ninja turtle summer pajamas. See, Everett has this pair of fleece ninja turtle pajamas that he got from his Nana and Papa and he loves them dearly. Like large hole in the side of the leg, digs them up from the bottom of the laundry pile and brings them to me so he can wear them just to nap in, LOVE. And not that I have anything against a good worn in pair of pajamas with holes in the legs, but the thing IS fleece, and his room has the capability of holding about 100 degrees more heat than the rest of the house if his door is accidentally left shut. So. Mission to find some ninja turtles summer pajamas it was. It was raining out, so naturally Everett put his sunglasses on and I didn’t bother with an umbrella. 80 degree rain feels really good in a summer dress.
It WAS Target where we were headed, and as we know, Target is the number one killer of time. Once when my mom was staying with us I mentioned how my grocery shopping trips were starting to border on an hour and a half, to which she promptly responded that afternoon with a “watch this” in this mystical guru type way. She must’ve Oprah walked around the place or something, cause she checked everything off my list and was out of there in like 20 minutes. Totally not normal. Obviously, not how this trip went. We went straight to the kid’s section, and pulled together a mismatched, but indeed a pair of very ninja turtle-y summer pajamas. And Everett said, OH YEAAAH. Mission accomplished. We then found ourselves in the toy aisle. And it’s 8:00 at a Target in small town Virginia, so we basically had the place to ourselves. We took family selfies wearing the spiderman, batman and ninja turtle masks. We threw a football around. Tyson reminisced about Nerf guns and in the rollerblade aisle I told glorified tales of my childhood when my sisters and I would skate circles in our garage around our suburban and make up tons of weird games, where we were like, horses or something. We wandered through the home goods section where Nate Berkus is really kicking some basket butt, and Everett stopped to smell no less than 25 candles. He liked every single one of them. Even the wintergreen, which you know, good for him. SOMEHOW we ended up next to all the dresses. And no sooner had Tyson discovered that he actually does like green on me, we spotted from a distance a pair of some very talkative people we know, and we scooted right on up to the check-out. I know, but it was past Everett’s bedtime. And there were those new turtle jammies to put on. It was still raining when we left, so with our bag clutched, we raced to the car, stomping through puddles, and Everett laughed at the rain falling on his cheeks. And it was, for a Tuesday, in a Target, a pretty perfect night.


Anita Carr said...

Hey Sydney, LOVE your blog and insights and totally admire how you juggle motherhood and work, as I do the same, and it can be tough! So I have two questions for you!

1. How do you juggle your blog and work plus motherhood and stay on top of it all?

2. How do you take all your gorgeous photos of yourself? Its rare I have someone to take them for me so I do use a tripod but that can be hard to get it right and to not look like an idiot if you take the tripod out and about!!

Thanks so much!
Anita x

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