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Wednesday, April 30



You guys, a GIRL. I love her so much already. She has the most beautiful little profile. When we went to the ultrasound appointment a few weeks ago, I was fully expecting that it would be another boy. I know! I know. The rough start to this pregnancy should have probably been my first clue that it was a girl, so I don't know if it was just because the boy thing is all I know and after experiencing this magical world that Everett introduced us to, I just couldn't picture anything else? But ever since we found out, I've been completely mentally re-bonding with her. In a way, it's almost felt like I'm carrying a whole new baby now. I think about her constantly, imagining what she'll look like, calling her by name, wondering how her little personality will shape our family. Whenever she rolls around, I grab Tyson's hand saying, "here, she's moving so much right now" and then we look at each other with a "oh my gosh. She!! SHE'S moving. We have a little girl!"
It's still so surreal. We absolutely cannot wait to meet her.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, congratulations! Enjoy this beautiful time in your life/lives! I'm also pregnant with a girl (23rd week) right now, but it's my first, so I have nothing to compare it to.

Sarah from Germany

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