we're having a baby!

Thursday, April 3

Another! Another! I can just smell the soft, sweet skin and feel the weight of a gushy baby in my arms already. I get teary when I think about it. I'm 18 weeks along, and to tell you the truth, it has been a much different and more difficult pregnancy than Everett's was. But in spite of that {or maybe because of it} it's also felt more real. I started feeling little kicks about a month ago, and was surprised when I immediately felt how familiar they were. And that I had missed them and had just never realized it until that moment. The reality of already having a little boy, and my strong emotional memories of his birth, is so prominently in the forefront of my mind these days, that it's been easier to picture this life growing inside me and feel connected to it. I am so excited! It is such a magnificent privilege that we get to do this again, we can hardly believe it. Tonight, I took a picture of Tyson after he got home from work, fast asleep with his hand on my belly. And there it was, just like before. Except now there's going to be four. :)


Unknown said...

oh wow . such great news .!!
congratulations . I wish you all the best ..

lots of love and I hope you're pregnancy is getting better soon .!
greetings from austria ..

Ang said...


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