the blue and the flu

Monday, April 28

shoes: F21, dress: ASOS
This was my Easter dress this year, but we've been so sick this week, I haven't gotten around to posting it until now. We're going on seven days with ... the flu? Maybe mono? An ear infection seeking its revenge? A sucktastic overblown cold? I have no idea. Whatever it is, all three of us have it and we've been trying our best to take care of each other while still keeping up with some semblance of our lives. While I was rocking Everett to sleep this week, I was rubbing over his eyebrows, nose and forehead and the places that tend to hold the most sinus pressure, and I watched as his face started to relax and his mouth hung open. He slowly opened his eyes, twisted so he could see me and said, "Mama? *cough* cough* Feels gooooooooood. I so proud of you." It was as good for me as a shot of chicken noodle soup.


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