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Tuesday, April 29

Making: finger-paint and pink blossom collages
Cooking: with the freshest ingredients. Feels so good after this winter
Drinking: tea at 3am. By default, its when I get my best reading in
Reading: Nurtureshock / the back of the Tums bottle
Wanting: it to rain more. I love the rain here
Looking: closely at women who have two children
Playing: progressive rummy. My good luck runs strong with that game
Wasting: time looking through old photos
Wishing: for another weekend with my family
Enjoying: a nap
Waiting: for this horrible cold/flu to leave our house
Liking: that Everett's first request in the morning is for "green chocolate milk", aka a smoothie. Whatever title gets the job done.
Wondering: how on earth I let my Costco membership expire???
Loving: my new nickname from Everett - "big mama"
Hoping: to partake of some Chipotle sooner than later
Marveling: at our blossoming town
Needing: a pool to float in
Smelling: oh jeeze, everything. Make it stop.
Wearing: basically, exclusively dresses, and stretchy pants
Following: my dreams and looking for a new crock-pot
Noticing: a stronger body
Knowing: and accepting my limits
Thinking: constantly about this new little person and how best to prepare Everett for brotherhood
Feeling: loved
Bookmarking: summer salad recipes
Opening: old boxes of teeny weeny baby onesies
Giggling: when Everett would rather bounce his hand off my belly and say "Boing! Boing! Boing!" than kiss it.
Feeling: full of life

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