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Wednesday, April 2

Everett is somewhat of a creature of habit, and no matter how many toys he collects, he tends to rotate through the same ones. I got a few requests to do a post on some of Everett's favorite toys, so I figured that while we were here, I'd include some of our favorite iPad apps too, since we quarantined ourselves from everyone's germs this winter and the combination of those two things, plus books and I don't know how many games of chase, is what got us through. This list, of course, excluding all of the contents of my kitchen drawers, and his ball and car collection, which can be found at the foot of my bed, under the covers.

1. Bruder Trash Truck
This thing is almost as big as Everett, and I think that fact alone makes up at least half the reason why he loves it. The details throughout the truck are pretty impressive, and it's very interactive. Everything is hinged, so Everett usually opens the doors and puts one of his little race cars in the front seat to "drive". You can actually put trash {crumpled pieces of paper} into the trash cans, attach them on the back, and using the different handles, dump, smash and sort the trash. Listen to me geeking out about a toy truck.

2. Wink {BlaBla doll}
It would not be a post about "favorites" if we didn't include this guy. Best and most loved purchase we've made to date. They are best. friends.

3. "Things That Go" Puzzle Sets
Since getting this game, it has truly been a joy in my life to hear him say "blimp" and "skateboard" and identify every yellow car he sees as a taxi.

4. "See Inside" ABC Alphabet puzzle
"See Inside" Numbers puzzle
Everett has totally surprised me with how early he learned his alphabet. I had nothing to do with it. He just started seeing signs and billboards around him and wanted to know what the symbols were, and off he went with the whole alphabet! If he's not in the mood for games or trains/cars/superheros, he's in the mood for puzzles. And these have been great! He loves peeking under each number and letter to see the pictures underneath.  

5. Marble track
This was a beautiful gift from the couple behind the Etsy shop, The Workbench this last Christmas and it has been a loved addition to his favorite toy rotation. Seriously. Marble races everyday.

6. Globe
I got this for five bucks in a thrift store, purely for decorative purposes because I can't walk away from a $5 globe, and it has unexpectedly turned out to be another of his favorite toys. Currently, his favorite sentence is, "what is that?" and so we spin the globe around and he asks that 50 times while he points to different countries. Most entertaining pronunciations I've ever heard!

7. Ikea Toolset
I realize that half the contents are missing. It is well loved, around the entire house.

8. Pound and Roll Tower
The one thing that's OK to hit!

9. Stacking Train
Toys that last from baby to two-years-old are everything.

10. Shape Sorting Clock
I got this from Target right before a flight to keep him entertained with a little novelty. I don't know where the 7 is. Yesterday, it was the 4.

11. Stackable Bowls
Another pre-flight purchase from Target {although I can't find it on their site, sorry!}. It was perfect size for the tray table, and now it's the perfect size to be stacked, stuck together, unstuck, placed on our heads, or thrown across the room.

12. And his truly favorite toys that he always has with him no matter what -- a computer mouse that is known in its official capacity as, "Everett's blue mouse" and a screwdriver that's had its end removed for obvious reasons. Just proving time and again, like everything else in my kitchen, that toys are mostly overrated. ;)

And now our favorite apps for the iPad! We try to keep everything in moderation with electronics of course, but these are really fun for him and have helped, at least in part, to reinforce his learning, especially with the numbers and letters apps.

1. Anything from Toca Boca (We have the Doctor, Lab, Kitchen, and Builders apps}
2. Animal Sounds by Alligator Apps
3. The Human Body by TINYBOP
4. ABC Ride by Avokiddo
5. Drawnimal
6. Endless Numbers by Originator

Would love to hear your kid's favorite things if you want to share! I think next on my list is a basketball hoop and some sort of superhero cape. The other day Everett put one of my belts over his belly and another on his head and said that he was "supa-man." I love the two's.


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