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Tuesday, April 1

I think no matter what the weather is on April first, minus the April Fools of it all, this day is predisposed to be the bomb dot com. Even with its lagging need for winter coasts in the morning, there's the slight promise of a warm evening sunset without them. And for every forecast of rainy skies, there are at least 5 more trees that blossom into pink. We went to the farmer's market for the first time since last summer and loaded up on apples. Everett's going through an apple phase. Last month was the month of the grapefruit. This month, the man must have an apple with his meal! We went to the park to find some good throwing rocks, the usual. There's a playground right next to the canal where the good throwing rocks are kept, but not according to this two-year-old. Parks are not for slides. Parks are for finding boulders and roots to climb on and see if the view is any better from another foot up. Hey, are you guys spring-demolishing your houses yet? Cleaning seems to be too mild a word this year. I am into it man. Everett sweeps ;) and I Orange Glo the crap out of my floors and it's starting to smell like something that doesn't resemble March in here. When Tyson came home after work, there was just enough sun to keep the cement warm, so I traded in my sweater and sneakers for a sundress and bare feet. Oh! Bare feet on warm cement, I swear. Delicious. Everett slid on his rain boots and stacked and unstacked rocks inside of a birdbath while Tyson and I sat shoulder to shoulder on the step of the porch and talked til the sun set. It was like it was spring or something.


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