one day in Austin

Wednesday, March 5

This last week, Tyson and I took a lightning fast trip down to Austin together for some meetings and to check out the area. With air and car time, it ended up being 12 hours of travel down there and 12 hours back, so Everett stayed with some close friends of ours who also have a very active toddler and those two had the time of their lives for a few days. I missed him like crazy (I swear it gets harder to leave him the older he gets), but the day after we got back he kept telling me, "Mama! So fun with friends!" so I know he had a way better time than he would have with our schedule-packed few days.

The flight down there, I have to say, was reallllly nice. We got to eat, hold hands, watch a sitcom, switch books, and laugh over certain chapters. In the rental car on the way to Austin, we tried to plan to hit as many good eats as we could while we were there. You could probably eat out at a different place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for over a month and still not hit everything. We were meeting some friends for dinner a bit later, but we couldn't help but stop at Salt Lick on the drive over and grab a to-go box to eat on the way. Seriously. Dinner one and dinner two were within an hour of each other and that is how determined we were to fit all the good food in. WORTH IT. Salt Lick everybody! Salt Lick brisket. Plus Torchy's tacos. Plus Amy's ice cream for dessert. And I rolled across the floor and into bed that night.

The next day was pretty much full of meetings, but we had a few hours in the afternoon to take a lunch break and do a little exploring around the city. We stopped by the famous Austin mural, which is on this funny little corner that you would never expect it to be on. That's sort of how all of Austin is set up though. The downtown neighborhoods, which are INCREDIBLE, are full of these regular looking ranches, right next to these funky, perfect little bungalows, right next to these gigantic, hyper-modern, beautifully designed mansions. All next door neighbors.

For lunch, we went to the Hillside Farmacy. I could have easily gone for more BBQ, but the lines down there for that business wrap around the entire block, and did I mention that it was raining while we were there? Yes, the day before we left it was 80 degrees and the day after we left it was 80 degrees, but the day we were there was 40 degrees and rainy. Probably for the best. It can't possibly be good for anyone's health to spend 12 hours in 80 degrees only to come back to a snowstorm. Better to keep the expectations realllllly low. ;) Anyway, so Hillside Farmacy was as delicious as it was beautiful. I ordered a virgin Pickpocket and a Thank You and recommend both if you happen to stop by.
Then there was this candy shop, the Big Top Candy Shop, beautiful to behold and stuffed with an absurd amount of candy that I didn't even know existed. We picked out a bunch of stuff, like too much stuff, and chocolates, and a little Nemo pez dispenser for Everett, and went on our way. It's probably where I would work if I lived there, I want that discount. ;)
We also stopped in at the New Bohemia. I do not have this kind of luck with vintage stuff, like ever, but time was on my side, and the very first rack I went to, very first dress I pulled out was this beauty straight from Greece. The clerk was quick to point that fact out on the tag."Here's my favorite thing about it. It's not even a vintage Grecian imitation! It's actually from Greece, and it's one of my favorites in the store, and can you imagine it for this summer? You have to get it." Well, ohhhhhkaaaay.
It breathed a little 80 degrees into my soul.
We also walked through the Tesoros Trading Company and Uncommon Objects and we had so little time in them that it was just shameful. And that was it for our few hours of free time in Austin! Going there together was like a really packed, mostly business oriented, vacation! We loved it. When we finally got home to Everett late the next night, he spotted me when I was still a few feet away. He ran across the room saying "Mama! I coming! I coming!" and wrapped himself around my legs. It was the best.


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