he called me lady

Monday, March 31

Shoes: Converse, Jeans: H&M, Tee: F21, Vest: H&M, Hat: Free People

I feel like I've posted a version of this outfit at least five times before, but whatever. I have a uniform and it's a fine thing to have bounteous options of black and white in one's closet. I went darker this weekend. It was time for the ombre to go. Everett's response was hilarious. He usually responds strongly when I make any physical changes to my appearance. For example, I just got this removable retainer appliance to help re-straighten a few of my lower teeth, and the first few weeks I had it, speaking was um, problematic. Everett heard me speak right after I got back from the dentist and immediately hid behind Tyson's legs and peeked up at me while requesting that Tyson hold him. I am usually the preferred parental unit between the two of us, since he's always been a mama's boy, so this was a historical first for our family. I tried to talk to him. Honestly I was just trying to pronounce any word, any word at all! But he nuzzled into Tyson's neck while watching me in that sideways "I've got my eye on you" way, and wouldn't let me hold him or touch him for a whole hour. After Tyson set him down, I sidled up to him on our bed and started to talk to him about why I sounded so weird, and I opened my mouth so he could see how funny I looked. He was SO shy and sweet just stared at me with this look. I couldn't tell if he was finally feeling like he was in on the joke, or if he was just making fun of me. Probably both. Every morning that I greeted him that week, he made his request. "Mama! Retainer off." And every day that I read him stories, he watched my mouth like a hawk, but! We re-bonded. THIS time when I made a change to my hair, he just asked what color it was and then when he was down the hall from me a ways, he called back to me, "hey sweet laaaaaady" and that's how you know you picked the right color.


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