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Thursday, January 2

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Shoes: Converse, Dress: H&M, Rings: H&M, Hat: ASOS, Watch: old UO {exact same one at ASOS now HERE}

This is my birthday outfit. Meaning most components were kindly given to me {and promptly donned} at about 10 pm on my birthday from a few people who know me so darn well.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of shapeless dresses! High five!
One of my favorite things about clothing is its ability to morph into more - sort of a cloth picture of a moment or a day or a year in your life. Before I left for college my mom made me a quilt out of a few items of clothing that had some childhood memories behind them. A square from the purple shirt I got from a gift shop in Seattle, and wore triumphantly after surviving a disastrous bout of the flu during our vacation there. A pair of lime green silk pajamas with this completely obnoxious print that I adored and wore every summer night for at least three years straight. My first turtleneck! A baby blue number with little white snow flakes on it. A pair of neon orange stretchy pants that I made myself at dance camp. Another item that I made for myself - this time a pair of plaid shorts from my middle school Home Ec class that had the longest drop-crotch you've ever seen. A pink striped shirt that I wore with a perm and braces for picture day. A bright green sweatshirt that somehow led to an inside joke with my first boyfriend that I don't remember now. A plaid button up that I styled over a white turtleneck every chance I got in fourth grade. A favorite pair of long johns, a matching outfit with my sisters. They're all in there. And it got me thinking, if I were to create a quilt right now, made up of all the clothing that holds memories for me from the past seven years, what would be in there? My wedding dress, definitely. A square of the sports bra I wore as I delivered Everett. The blue dress that hugged my pregnant belly as I walked across the stage to receive my degree. The pair of cut-off shorts that I always wore when we would take bike rides to the snow cone shack and everywhere else in the summer. The grey tee and jeans that I was wearing on the day I met Tyson. He remembers every detail of that outfit and I swear it's still his favorite to this day. A white button-up that I associate with getting sick at a restaurant, but only after a truly perfect night. The sweatshirt I was wearing in a handful of newlywed videos we took on our road-trip honeymoon of sorts. A bright red pea coat that I wore constantly during my first year of college because it made me feel confidant. A really pretty blue shirt that has smudges of printmaking ink on it. Almost all of the clothes that I used to wear when I started this blog, that are now permanently embedded with very distinct memories {For example, I can tell you the exact outfit I was wearing when I found out I was pregnant with Everett thanks to this blog! And the one I was wearing when I got pulled over by a cop for the first time too}. The scarf that I bought from a vendor in Paris. A white maxi dress that got destroyed in the wash, but is still a favorite to this day. And probably this dress that I'm wearing now too. Because clothing that is the result of someone else thinking of you, is pretty much like wearing a hug all the time.


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Anonymous said...

Noooo! Why are these clothes cute? I'm so over the shapeless, colorless clothes "style" bloggers call fashionable. You are such a babe and used to be such a style inspiration. Bummed out by this.

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