and now a big photo dump of the last of our christmas with my family

Friday, January 17

I'm doing this late anyway, so we might as well just skip the extra posts and make it one big scroll party.

It must be recorded in the book of the blogs that during Christmas break, Everett's very first burger was eaten at my favorite burger joint ever, Larsen's. I have no idea what they do to their food to push it so high on my top-five-meals-I'd-have-to-eat-before-I-die list, but I've had Shake Shack and Five Guys and In-N-Out, and you guys, it's Larsen's. They need to chain themselves out in the worst way. Although, I have a picture of my parents sitting in their very first car - a little yellow truck named Max, in the very drive-through that my sisters and I park to get our burgers with fry sauce whenever we're all down there together, and everything looks exactly the same as it did in 1985, so maybe Larsen's is best left exactly where it is.
IMG_1133 IMG_1135 IMG_1123 IMG_1147 IMG_1144
There is it! And making this his first burger was not exactly done on purpose, Everett's just never been much of a sandwich man. He'll take his bread and his ham and his cheese, but never piled together, thanks. It was a shocker when he pounded this one out. A testament to Larsen's greatness!

On Christmas Eve, we went bowling with my mom. New tradition? I'm signing the petition. My mom and Tyson creamed all of us. Embarrassing, embarrassing scores. Everett pressed all the buttons he could find and granny bowled with the rest of us, and when he wasn't acting as the ball monitor {Blue ball! Here it comes!}, he remained very displeased that he couldn't run down to the other end of the alley and knock the pins over himself.
IMG_1721 IMG_1728 IMG_1708 IMG_1686 IMG_1690 IMG_1715 IMG_1711 IMG_1682
We also made a day for some Christmas baking. We made our own homemade gluten-free flour concoction that ended up turning all of our cookies flat, but then we discovered that hey, these cookies are waaaaay better when they're really thin, and where have they been our whole lives?! We donned our aprons and melted tons of chocolate and accidentally made a set of boobs while mixing our frosting.
IMG_1284 IMG_1301 IMG_1291
The boob frosting. It's a real shame you can't see them better.
Aaand my brother Ethan and his Everett. Two peas in a pod, forever and ever. I'm second choice when he's around.
IMG_1000 IMG_1009 IMG_1006 IMG_1024 IMG_1090 IMG_1018 IMG_1117
You can't really tell here, but this bridge goes over a pretty steep drop.
My sister is terrified of it, so every time we go up to this rock, it ends up being her on one side of the bridge and all of us on the other, counting to three and cheerleading. This is her after the fourth count to three.
IMG_1110 IMG_1062 IMG_1040 IMG_1086 IMG_1766 IMG_1169
We celebrated my birthday a little early while we were down there. They put twenty-five trick candles on my pie and Everett thought it must be his birthday all over again because his favorite thing in the world is blowing out candles over and over and over and over.
And finally, Zions National Park. Straight out of the camera, the colors are THIS vivid. It's a spectacular place to hike.
IMG_1667 IMG_1650 IMG_1646 hike1 IMG_1612
I miss them all terribly. There's no place like home with these hooligans.


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