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Tuesday, December 10

IMG_0728-2 IMG_0741 IMG_0756-2 IMG_0742-2
Shoes: NB from ASOS, Pants: H&M, Blouse: F21, Sweater: Target, Coat: ASOS, Sunglasses: F21

So I'm trying this new thing where I wear tennis shoes. I never wear tennis shoes. Even when it's 8:50pm and I'm racing out to the car in my pajamas to return a redbox on time, my choice in footwear will always fall solidly in the rain boot direction. My husband is a tennis shoe aficionado of sorts. I put these on and he was all, Babe! Wow! You look athletic. {Anything that makes me look "athletic" is a maaaajor thumbs up. I suppose I should have put that one on my marital warning label. Attention! Warning! Will miss the ball every time. Mate only if you want a 50% shot at having children who hate gym class. Apparently he's good with that. Give the man what he wants! Art! Music!} Anyway I put them on, tied them up tight and walked around for a bit. Later, when I went to put them on again, I found that the laces had been adjusted just so, so that I could slip them on and off without tying and untying the laces. I'm assuming this must be the cool thing to do. We help each other out.


jenny said...

HA! This cracks me up, because you JUST described my husband. :-) I try and wear tennis shoes (although I'm mostly just a bare foot/flip flop gal), but even then, I just feel like an athletic impostor. :-)

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