on the second day of christmas

Monday, December 23

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Shoes: Converse, Jeans: H&M, Sweater: ASOS, Coat: ASOS
Greetings from my family's Dell computer! We're visiting in southern Utah for Christmas this week, and these red rocks are killing me once again. I love it here. The week so far has been full and fun and food centered. It really started off on the right foot the second day we were here. Thursday I think? Don't you love the weeks when the days all blend together? Anyway, Everett had been playing with my brother's old toys in the living room and Tyson and I were huddled around the corner watching him. Look at him, he's so cute, I can't believe he's playing so well by himself, etc. My dad was on a phone call and my younger siblings were at school so no one was around except for us, the spies. All of a sudden Everett got up, grabbed his blanket that was on the floor and headed over to his stroller. He clutched Wink under his arm and grunted his way up to the stroller seat. The stroller was sort of set to the side, and facing the wall, so Tyson and I were whispering like, what is he doing?? He adjusted his blanket over top of him and Wink assumed his regular position under Everett's arm and ... he just sat there. Staring at the wall, not making a peep. I tiptoed up to him and peered over the back of the stroller, so curious about what his little mind was thinking. I couldn't see his face but his hands patted on the blanket for a few minutes, while he still sat there quiet as a mouse. And then slowly, the hand patting stopped and his breathing slowed. I looked around the stroller to see the face of a sleeping boy who had PUT HIMSELF DOWN FOR A NAP. WITHOUT COMING TO FIND ME FIRST. Jet lag's finest work and most definitely the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I scooped him up and laid him down in his bed, kissing his cheeks a little extra before shutting the door. Two-year-olds rock.


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