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Thursday, December 5


I hope you know that this blog is a very edited, tiny sliver of my life.

I hope you know that most blogs are.

I hope you know that my child has public melt-downs too.

I hope you know that my house is a mess right now. Like dishes piled in the sink, clothes and toys hanging on doorknobs and scattered around the floor, endless shedding hair in the bathroom, and you should SEE my Tupperware cupboard.

I hope you know that my car is worse.

I hope you know that a portion of the confusing, hard, painful moments in my life involve people that I love. I don't talk about those things here because I want to protect them, not because my life doesn't have those moments.

I hope you know that sometimes I don't get dressed until 2pm.

I hope you know of what little consequence clothes actually are.

I hope you know that blogging about your life takes more than it appears to take. All those good, wonderful moments that are fun to capture and share, those take time and forethought and editing. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been blogging less than I have in the past. But it's not because I like it any less. {Oh I do like this blog for what it's made me write down and remember} Or because I don't have the time, really. But I earnestly want to not be in a relationship with this online space. If that makes any sense. For me, it makes real life feel better, so I hope you understand.

I hope you know that every marriage takes its fair share of work and has its fair share of arguments. I am in a passionate marriage {passion! I said it!} with a man I'm crazy about, who loves me more than I ever thought one person could. And we totally fight. About important things and dumb stuff too.

I hope you know that everyone who blogs is normal. And it's not all pretty pictures and roses.

I hope you don't compare real life to an edited one.


Unknown said...

I absolutely love this, and you, and your blog and baby. Thank you for sharing the tiny sliver of your life with me.

Anonymous said...

i thank you so much for posting this! it definitely helps!
-Rachel Kansas City, MO

Anonymous said...


amy lapi said...

I hope you know how awesome you are.

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