christmas vacation part one

Monday, December 30

So here's the start of it. Our Christmas vacation in photographs. It was so nice to be home. Or my home away from home. I've spent time among these red rocks twice now, but this was Tyson's first time out for a visit so it was fun to show him all the scenic views and the food that I've come home raving about. Which said food, is um ... mainly taco time crispy burritos, fry sauce and dirty dr. peppers ... but when you don't have these things at your fingertips on a regular basis, they all seem rather gourmet. We spent a ton of time outdoors. That's the great thing about deserty Southern-Utah in December. There are a thousand different places to hike with almost guaranteed sun at your back. And time with my siblings! An entire week with them is totally chicken soup for my soul. My sister Caytlyn, who is about to have her baby girl next month, {yes!} wasn't able to fly out for Christmas this year so she was sorely sooorely missed. But the rest of the gang was there. Almost every night, my sisters and I found some sort of excuse to get in the car and go somewhere together. Just to talk and sing badly to loud music and grab some chocolate while we were at it. I've always thought it was so cool that we were all raised in mostly the same way, and in mostly the same environment, but all five of us have turned out with such vastly different interests and personalities. Our sense of humor however, is cut from the exact same cloth and we get each other in some cosmic sibling way that seems to get stronger and stronger as we age. I like watching us get older together.
Anyway, and now for photos of an afternoon we spent in Snow Canyon!
IMG_1548 IMG_1396 IMG_1455 IMG_1511 IMG_1490 IMG_1471 IMG_1414 IMG_1485 IMG_1425 IMG_1435 IMG_1420 IMG_1397
I will never ever get tired of coming here.
Up next, a series of expertly posed senior portraits, brought to you by these guys.
IMG_1506 IMG_1503 IMG_1494 IMG_1507
Nailed it.


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