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Thursday, November 21

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We all know by now that I like a good deal. I'm a chronic Target shopper and most days I'm smearing my face with things from the drugstore beauty department. But I like the really good stuff just as much as the next girl and wouldn't that be fun to have a cabinet full of Kiehl's one day? How does that saying go? Your 20's are for enjoying yourself and your 30's are for learning the lessons and taking care of your skin with expensive things?  In any case, I just discovered this site called WorthIt that basically keeps track of all the more spendy things on your wishlist and tells you when they're more affordable. You tell Worthit how much you actually want to spend on the item, they search across thousands of retailers, and then notify you when they find the item at your desired price! {Just think of how dreamy crib and stroller shopping could be with this} I can't tell you how many times I've purchased an item only to have it go on sale THE NEXT WEEK. It's the dumbest. So while I'm currently on a search for the perfect warm coat and thinking that maybe some updated kitchenware could inspire some pretty miraculous cooking this winter, there are going to be no sales unseen!

This post sponsored by WorthIt. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that help support our family!


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