the weekend that I surprised my dashing husband with a cabin just for two

Monday, November 18

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Generally speaking, as a couple, we've never really gotten on board the surprise train. We've always planned all of our trips and weekends together, given each other a general idea of what would make a good Christmas/birthday gift when the occasion arose, and if there ever was some sort of surprise planned, we'd spill the beans to each other way too early because we just can't wait around with that kind of information. We're sharers! It's a curse. So when I found this place called "the treehouse" right in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains, I said to myself, this is it. The Rocky theme song started playing in the background and I geared up for exactly one month of secret keeping. I asked Tyson to clear his calendar for the dates I had booked so that I could take a "girls trip" with some friends. Muahahaha. Tyson's parents graciously agreed to come up for that weekend to watch Everett {huge MASSIVE thanks to them for this!} and everything was set. The week before, I planned our menu for the three days, made reservations, picked up some good books, and wrote a mini dictionary so that Tyson's parents would be able to interpret what Everett was saying while they were with him. {"Back Ear!" for example, means get back here! Usually referring to trucks that are driving away from him, haha} And I actually made it. In fact, I sort of pride myself on how well it went. On how he had exactly zero clues as to what was happening. The morning of, we even talked about what Tyson was going to feed Everett that night when I was gone. And oh yeah, I think that's a great idea to take him to the museum tomorrow! When Tyson got home that night, his parents had already arrived and were waiting in the other room. But he saw my packed bag by the door with two pillows stacked on top first. Babe, what are my two favorite pillows doing on your bag? There's no way those are leaving. I could come up with no legitimately good reasons as to why I'd be taking his two favorite pillows, so instead I just got behind him and shoved him down the hallway to the living room where his parents were. I told him what the REAL plans were and what they had ALWAYS BEEN, this ENTIRE TIME and I will never ever forget the look on his face. It might carry me through until my next grand surprise, whenever that may be, it was just that good.
We loaded up our car, said our goodbyes and headed out to grab some dinner before we checked-in. It was like ... gosh, is there a non-cheesy way to say this? It was like we were newlyweds. No! It was even before newlyweds. It was like that butterfly stage. The early dating you know? But with better conversation and no awkward firsts. We were giddy. At the idea of nothing but us. No schedule, no plans. We could stay in, or we could go out and we could stay up way too late without even thinking the thoughts, WHY do we do this to ourselves every night? because the next morning promised nothing but time to sleep in. Which, by the way, means 8:00 AM. I was just reallyyyy hoping to be more of a party animal than THAT. ;)
It was raining the two nights we were there. We cozied up in bed with our popcorn and chocolate and jalapeno chips and the loads of snacks that I over-packed for us, with our movies and books and listened to the rain coming down on our roof. No less than 10 times that night, Tyson kissed me on the lips and said, This is so fun, I love you. The next few days we came and went and lazed as we pleased. It is SUCH beautiful land where we were. We got up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then shared a canoe on the small lake by the house. We were told that the drive up to a local vineyard would be worth it just for the views, so we went and it was. We stopped by a shop in the nearby town that sold honey and soaps and pottery. We took a nap. We went on a walk. We had some killer pizza and read our books until our eyes closed. And then we drove home Sunday afternoon on a foggy Blue Ridge Parkway to see our baby.
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