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Wednesday, November 27

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Making : myself a nice cozy spot right here by the fire. We're staying at a friend's house for Thanksgiving and I have REAL, BURNING fireplace envy
Cooking : pies. All the pies happen the night before Thanksgiving, and the air is THICK with sugar.
Drinking : diet root beer, and not loving it. With Root Beer you just gotta go alllll the way.
Reading : Gone Girl. Still. People told me that I would finish it in two days and yet I'm still right smack dab in the middle. I only ever get the chance to read late at night and my eyelids are ruining everything.
Wanting : to find the best Christmas present ever for Tyson. Just shock the socks off him.
Looking: forward to next month when, for the first time, Everett will get his very own seat on our flight.
Playing: all the card games
Wasting: tubes of chapstick. And they're all on my son's lips and cheeks and eyelids and hair
Sewing: I should probably just remove this category, because
Wishing: for our first snow
Enjoying: those sweet conversations with my husband. I love that I can tell him anything about myself, bring up any topic, and it's all an open book. It's such a comfort to find that in another person and I'm reminded of it constantly.
Waiting: for the timer to go off
Liking: the clink of spoons around me. The sound of banana pudding and lively late night conversation
Wondering: who Everett will be when he grows up, because I already genuinely like him just as another human being.
Loving: that lately, when Everett gets ready for bed, he goes through the house and kisses all his favorite things goodnight.
Hoping: that I'm doing everything right. It's so hard not to compare, isn't it?
Marveling: at how quickly and sharply happiness can fill you up at a moment's notice.
Needing: new bed sheets
Smelling: my way through the Nordstrom perfume section. I've worn the same scent for 5 years and I'm on the hunt for something new. (Any favorites out there?)
Wearing: jeans, bare feet, and a sweater and wondering what I'm doing with my jeans still on
Following: a list. Always.
Noticing: Everett's conversations with himself. They are THE. BEST.
Knowing: just knowing. It can feel like such a complex concept sometimes.
Thinking: about tomorrow and all that FOOOOD
Feeling: so thankful. Tis the season, but it's the honest truth.
Bookmarking: winter coats, still
Opening: black nail polish
Giggling: is such a bubbly word, I'm not sure if I like it.
Feeling: comfort

I liked writing this post a few months ago, so I think I'll keep it as a series, (maybe like a once a month thing), but the idea started over at wonderful Pip's blog. Thanks for sharing Pip!


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