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Tuesday, November 26

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I made my very first purchase from Abercrombie loooong after I had graduated high school. It was a pair of jeans. And they were my best, most favorite pair of jeans in my closet. They did this really wonderful thing that I hadn't experienced before, where you didn't have to wash them every other time you wore them, because they actually held their shape. And they were distressed relatively minimally, and in all the right places. With a great medium wash. And generally speaking, made everything look ... lifted? It was a love story! I've stocked up since then, my favorite pair right now are these ankle jeans which are a revelation as far as my height is concerned. And these ones that are also really good for boot wearing, etc. They're on sale right now! And starting at 8pm on Thursday Novemeber 28th, there will be even more great deals in-store and online. Hashtag Black Friday, and happy shopping to one and all! P.S. Who's going?! I've done it only once before and it just confirmed that I fall solidly in the "online shopper" category.

This post was sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that help support our family.


Unknown said...

Where's the sweater in the last picture from?

Unknown said...

Where's the sweater in the last picture from? Love it!

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