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Thursday, November 7

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I love our town in the fall. The trees are incredibly vibrant and the sidewalks that haven't been ruined by leaf blowers yet are covered in crunchy yellow. Everyone's pumpkins are slowly migrating to the curb, and the gift shop on the corner just broke out its first green bough over the doorway. And hey! I think next weekend we might even take down our air conditioning units!

For as long as we've been married, Tyson and I have made somewhat of a habit out of moving once a year. I don't know if it's purely consequential, or because both of us grew up moving around the country every few years, or because we just REALLY like packing a moving truck. But we're approaching our one year anniversary of living in Winchester later this month, and right on cue, Tyson brought it up the other day. And it was in those last few minutes of the day too, when you're on the brink of sleep, and you assume your spouse is too, until a question is thrown out into the darkened room from the pillow behind you. What do you think about moving into a house? Truth be told, I would LOVE to move into a house. But I would've loved to move into a house a year ago when we moved to Winchester. Don't ask me why we didn't, Everett wasn't walking yet so "more space" wasn't on the brain and we've just always lived in apartments, so ... old habits die hard I guess? It was good point after good point being thrown out from that pillow behind me. What about a yard next summer? And you've wanted a garden. And I could really use an office to study in. And there could be a dishwasher. {A dishwasher. Swoooooon} And while I'm tempted to refuse based purely on principle and all out rebellion against our moving history, aaaaaand the packing, {the packing!} a house WOULD be nice. Even if it's just for another year. So there's that. That's what we're mulling over, and casually checking Craigslist about, when we're not having visions of a thousand cardboard boxes terrorizing our dreams. No guarantees though, I'm real keen on only having one bathroom to clean.


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