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Thursday, October 10

A lot of times people refer to Everett as a girl. What's her name? How old is she? That kind of thing. Not alllll the time, but I'm telling you, a significant portion of the time, that's the case. One time we were walking down our street and our neighbor came out onto her front porch. She greeted Everett, Hey little lady! You out on a walk with your mom? She looks at me, oh she's so cute! How old? I replied with 23 months, because, well, whatever. She came even farther down her steps and then saw Everett from behind her flowers. He was wearing suspenders. Oh, it's a boy! He wears a lot of black and blue and grey {I'm the one dressing him, so of course he does} so I'm guessing that it has to be because his face is JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL. ;) Or something. I'm sure it doesn't help his manly cause any when we walk out of the house in matching outfits. But a good buffalo check is a special occasion in and of itself, you understand. Speaking for myself here, I just want to say that I'll always be OK with hanging out together in matching stuff, but my guess is that we're on a limited time table with that sort of thing here and YOLO and all of that. Pulling a quote from a really really mediocre movie, that you should only ever watch if there's nothing else on and you're deliriously sick and cannot be held responsible for your movie choices, BUT here goes. "I love being the mother of a two-year-old boy. It's like being a movie star in a world with no critics." And that is the goldenest, golden truth. Long live the matching outfits, for this year at least.

Oh and we turned on the heat for the first time today. It's raining allllllll day long. We started our morning with a bowl of homemade kettle corn and hot chocolate, and are hanging in our sweats, running trucks up and down our arms. Right now I really can't think of a better month than October.


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