it's a great four days when your sister comes to visit

Tuesday, October 29

My sister Jillyan flew out to see us last week. Just for the heck of it! Just because she could! And it was THE BEST. Honestly, we've felt pretty spoiled lately. Tyson and I have always been the members of our families who have lived on the exact opposite side of the country that everybody else does. Case in point, when we lived in Idaho, my family lived in North Carolina. When we moved to Virginia, my family moved to Southern Utah. This is a public guilt trip, in case anyone was wondering. ;) But! My dad got to come out and stay with us just a few months ago, and Tyson's parents just recently moved a few hours away, and now my sister came to visit and it's like a constant rotation of mattresses on our living room floor these days, and WE ARE LOVING IT. Especially Everett, who really really appreciates a fluffy mattress in his living room.
The first day she was here, we all laid down for Everett's nap. And I wish this happened every day, because when there's someone else napping too, somehow I feel less guilty about lying down? Anyway, he slept for four hours. It was a sleeping marathon! The lottery of naps! We were all slow clapping at his generosity and kindness.
We had so much fun together. A lot of down time, movies in bed with comfort food, pumpkin outings, etc. And after just a day, Everett said my sister's name for the first time too. He's really deliberate about his pronunciation. Especially when it comes to "L"s. So Jilly came out like "Jillilly" and it was the proudest Aunt moment ever.
Obviously, we had to.
Everett found some dinosaurs.
Which he hid in a bucket of apples.
And then proceeded to look for them like this.
This little boy and I found a cow train to ride on. Our cow was named Bertha.
We also found two giant pumpkins. The first one was impressive.
But the second one was for sitting in. And swiping your finger with and licking? So it won. IMG_9327


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