is my lumberjack showing?

Tuesday, October 8

 photo IMG_8517_zpsfe101f7f.jpg  photo IMG_8552_zpsd0e1c6e6.jpg  photo IMG_8573_zpsef4d202c.jpg  photo IMG_8523_zpsced5c2ff.jpg  photo IMG_853421-32-24_zpsd30c27d2.jpg
Shoes: Fossil, Pants: H&M. Tee: American Apparel, Coat: ASOS {no longer on the site :/ }, Glasses: American Eagle, long term borrowed from my brother-in-law, Hat: ASOS

We had our last of day freak 90-degree Indian Summer last week, and the forecast is strictly 60 degrees from here on out. Perfect timing to pull out this coat, that I have to tell you, I am giddy to have found before it was whipped off the online shelves in a lumberjacked frenzy.

OK, so last night was realllly fun. We got Everett a giant trash truck for his birthday coming up {it's all trucks errything at our house right now} and it arrived outside our door yesterday afternoon. I hauled it inside while Everett was playing in the other room and hid the box behind one of our larger plants. Of course, emailing Tyson right away, It's here! Wait till you see it! He's gonna flip! We were talking in the kitchen later that night, when all of a sudden Tyson jumped up from the table. I just remembered I haven't seen his truck yet. {Really exciting stuff!} We went over and pulled it out of the box, inspecting it from front to back. Pulling tape off the hinged doors, checking out the miniature dumpsters, making sure it was ready to go so that he'll be able to open it and start playing right away. Look how detailed the drivers seat is! Wow, you can even look under the hood! I had to sit back and laugh at us for a minute, all giddily whispering over a toy garbage truck. This is us now! US, the parents, hiding toys behind plants, with the greatest anticipation of lighting a little boy's face up with wonder over a magnificent garbage truck.
I love this. 
I love it. I love it. 


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