if you're having any trouble wearing ankle boots with jeans, here's a little tip that worked for me and my short legs

Wednesday, October 16


So I was sorting through my closet the other day. Trying to turn what is generally the place where clothes go to sit in piles and feel sulky, into something that resembled a workable dressing station, when I realized! Right now, my cold-weather stash doesn't have anything except ankle boots to show for itself. I posted this discovery on instagram, {unnecessary documentation. check!} and had a commenter mention the styling of ankle boots, especially for short people, etc. Up until this year, I was a dyed-in-the-wool, tall boot fan. It's all I wore, fall through winter, because I just wasn't exactly sure how to wear anything else. At 5'3, you know, the legs work great! But Gisele's not standing in the background applauding or anything. For the most part, jeans with the shortest inseam still hit me right at the floor, which is an awkward length if you'd like to do anything except bunch them up in the bottom of your boots. Soooo, I started cutting off the bottoms of my jeans and sending em through the wash. I know, I know. Elementary, my dear Watson! But it's truly changed how I'm able to wear and style my clothing. I like my jeans to hit right at, or just a smidge above the ankle. For whatever reason, I've found that cropping them at that length is more flattering. Plus I like that it makes them feel more worn, like your old favorite pair of jeans. Except you get to have five old favorites. I wore them like this throughout the summer and am loving how easily they've transitioned into being the perfect pairing with the previously illusive ankle boot.

Works great with all versions of the ankle boot too.
>> The short ankle boot <<

>> The mid ankle boot <<

>> The tall ankle boot <<

P.S. The slimmer cut jeans work the best for this by the way. I tried cutting a pair of straight-legs and it wasn't great my friends.


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