happy second birthday to our Everett

Wednesday, October 30

This lucky boy got to celebrate his birthday twice this year. Once with Tyson's parents earlier this month and once this last weekend, just a few days shy of his real birthday, so that my sister could be there. We kept it small and simple, just us and the birthday boy. The morning of his party, I couldn't wait to show him the two giant balloons that Jillyan and I had gone to fill with Helium the night before. BALLALOON!! he said, rounding the corner in his jammies. He immediately grabbed the strings and started towing them around with him. He's still hanging out with the sole surviving one in his bedroom right now.
Unlike last year, Everett had absolutely no interest in eating any of his cake {red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and not ONE BITE} but he did request to light and blow out his candles exactly three times. With a little help, he carefully unwrapped each gift and played with it before moving on to the next one. And then he sat down in the living room with Tyson to play with his new toys and crunch up little balls of wrapping paper to stuff in the back of his trash truck. {A successful present indeed! We were giddy watching him open it.}
You know, I think I already had my “my baby is two and I’m going to let my eyes get red about it for a second” moment while I was wrapping his presents the other day. But last night, my last night of rocking him to sleep as my 23-month-old, I was alright. It was the fastest he’d fallen asleep in a long time. So I just sat there in the dark and continued to rock him, grateful that, while he was two years older than on the day we first met, this moment hadn’t changed at all – his little body fast asleep in about two seconds flat while curled up in my arms.
I can’t believe it’s actually here. Two-years-old at 8:50 this morning. Happy birthday to our sweetest grown-up boy! There aren’t enough words in the world to express how much we love you and how happy you make us every single day.

P.S. A little video of him being sweet.
And a big thank you to my friend, Jackie for sending the decorations for his party over from her sweet shop Carousel Lane. Also, for those who asked, the Happy Birthday banner is made of vintage game cards and I found it on Etsy HERE.


Brit Z said...

Love to see how big Everett is now! I started following your blog just before you (and I) got pregnant (our due dates were four days apart - and we both had our boys early) so it's lovely to watch him grow and become a big boy. Your blog reflects a lot of my own emotions toward my little guy. God bless you all - have an awesome #2 buddy!!!

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