happy halloween! from christopher robin and wink the pooh

Thursday, October 31

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This costume almost didn't happen. According to Everett, Wink is not allowed to wear clothes. Because Wink is Everett's favorite friend in the entire world, I had my suspicions that any changes to his appearance might not go over too well, so I tried the Pooh shirt on him a few days before our Halloween party. I knelt down next to the two of them and showed him Wink's new outfit. See? Everett has a shirt. Wink has a shirt! You guys are the same! Everett sized him up and his eyes filled with tears. He tore the shirt off Wink and clutched him to his cheek as he ran into the other room. And that was round one. Rounds one through ten were pretty much all the same. Definitely not, no way, not going to happen in this lifetime. So I left the Pooh shirt on the floor in plain sight over the next few days. Sometimes I would offer to help Everett put the shirt on Wink, expectedly answered with an emphatic, No! No Sert! while he again ran to the other room with his friend. Finally, yesterday morning, Everett picked the Pooh shirt off the floor and brought it to me. Winky Sert? I asked him if he wanted to put the shirt on Wink. OK, he said. {He doesn't ever say, Yes. Just, OK. And I die every time.} And, together, quite victoriously, we put the shirt on Wink. And even though the shirt must DEFINITELY come off when it's time for sleeping, it has successfully stayed on for all of Wink's important Pooh duties. Like accompanying his Christopher Robin and their pumpkin basket on their very first candy collection tirade.

Happy Halloween guys! And may all you parents enjoy your kid's candy just as much as we will! ;)


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