a few sketches that I love

Friday, October 4

I came across these sketches from the talented artist Caitlin Connolly, and had to share them. I've posted about art that I love a few times before, but I don't think I've come across anything that has spoken to me so directly and so poignantly as these simple, yet emotionally filled sketches. Caitlin's personal experiences are so eloquently shared in each piece, that you can't help but go, yes! That's exactly what that felt like.

I love her statement about her work:
I make art founded on the human experience.  Life, death, tragedy, joy, loneliness, spirituality, and progression are concepts central to how I view this experience.  Growing up in a family with all boys, it was difficult for me to identify with women.  My work often explores the feminine experience as I attempt to understand myself and all women more fully and view them the way I see them - powerful yet flawed.
- she became herself with tears -

  - she tried really hard and nudged the earth in a different direction -

- understanding a small mystery -

  found something not showing 
- I found something special and I'm not going to show you what it is-

  her face was radiant 
- her face was radiant -

 i'm dealing with it 
- I'm dealing with it -

 sad can't move feet 
- she was so sad she couldn't move her feet -

- trying to understand holiness -
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