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Wednesday, October 23

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Shoes: Converse, Jeans: H&M, Chambray top: F21, Jacket: H&M, Undershirt: c/o Free People, Sunglasses: H&M, Hat: ASOS

- The other night I was out grocery shopping. Tyson had an appointment that evening so I had about 20 minutes to my name. It was the first time I'd been to the grocery store by myself in 10 years so I already felt like I was ahead of the game. Things were going swell! I'd raced around, thrown everything in my cart and was in the back of the store picking up my last item {some floral wire for a little crafting project and domestic things, etc. My mom warned me this day would come.} The aisle was a tight squeeze, so I left my cart for a bit to grab the wire, throw it in the basket real quick and then it was up to the check-out for me. I looked down to start unloading everything and there was XTINA on her Maxim magazine cover. A Gatorade, a pack of Red Bull, tube socks, and my floral wire. And if you're ever curious, a cart switch is a really embarrassing way to meet someone.

- Does anyone else find the smell of their pumpkin spice candles to be the cause for great disappointment upon waking in the morning? My stomach is just like, you're not fooling anybody here. We all know you haven't baked.

- For a while, I've wanted to make a wreath using some plants from the yard, but I'd just never made it that far down my list before it was time to put Everett down for bed each night. But I figured so be it, you know, the fern clipping was just going to have to be in the dark. It was raining out, so I slid on my rain boots and headed out with a pair of kitchen scissors. It was mostly dark, but with enough light from the windows to manage. I didn't bother with a hood, so I could feel the light rain on my head and my cheeks. It was completely quiet, with nothing else but me and the chirping bugs and the rain on the leaves and the sound of my scissors clipping away at a few ferns and branches. And it was just the most unexpectedly peaceful moment of my day.

- I'm excited to be a part of Thermal Nation, a fun fall collaboration with Free People. I'm wearing the We The Free Kyoto Cuff Thermal in ivory, and I chose to style it pretty subtly. But that's sort of what I love about it -- that you're able to stay warm with the extra thermal layer, but with those rad sleeves, you're still able to add a little interest to the layers while you're at it. Some really cool girls are part of the lineup for the next few days, and you can follow along with them using the hashtag #FPThermalNation


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