taking stock

Thursday, September 19

And a page out of Pip's beautiful blog {I loved this!}

Making: lots of room in our drawers, bidding a fond farewell to tiny swim trunks
Cooking: breakfast, lunch and dinner before 7am. He's a brown-bagger for every meal and I wash Tupperware for a living.
Drinking: Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate. Too soon? I know, but it's just sitting there in my pantry looking at me
Reading: Typography Sketch Books. So more flipping than reading. But it's amazing if you're into that.
Wanting: a fenced yard for Everett to play, and a little garden in the corner
Looking: forward to meeting my little niece
Playing: in piles of pillows. With bubbles. With cars. With silly faces. Everything is a game right now and everything is funny.
Wasting: time on our neighbor's front porch before dinner, dipping cherry tomatoes from their garden in dill yogurt. But it sort of didn't feel like wasting time at all.
Sewing: nothing. shocker
Wishing: for one night without vivid dreams
Enjoying: helping Everett water our plants. He narrates as we go and calls the water, wajee.
Waiting: for Tyson to get home
Liking: when Everett introduces me to people we've just met. He looks at them while pointing to me and says, mama. I belong to him and he's getting the word out.
Wondering: when Everett will learn to say I love you.
Loving: the mornings when Tyson leaves early enough that I'm still in bed, he'll come over and brush my hair with his hand and kiss me on the lips instead of the forehead or the cheek, even though it's first thing in the morning. I just think it's romantic.
Hoping: for more faith
Marveling: at every single sunset in this green valley. I will never get used to it.
Needing: an endless supply of goat cheese and wheat thins. Every time I turn around they're gone again, I don't know WHO has been eating them all.
Smelling: a cherimoya candle that we brought back from Hawaii a year ago. It's been carefully rationed as it is the best smelling candle I've ever smelled, ever ever.
Wearing: a favorite sweatshirt. I have to do that now, sitting here by the window after the sun sets.
Following: the highway down to 75 degrees and family
Noticing: more crunch beneath our steps
Knowing: that I only have one more month with a one-year-old
Thinking: about my grocery list and making strawberries with balsamic vinegar
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: winter coats
Opening: a bottle of ginger ale over lunch with a friend
Giggling: more than I ever have in my whole life.
Feeling: peaceful


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