over the weekend

Monday, September 30

There was this magical moment last Thursday night. And why not, you know? Let's give Thursday some credit. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and Everett had his legs in the kitchen sink, filling measuring cups and water bottles under the faucet. Tyson called. Hey are you home right now? Grab Everett and run outside, there's a hot air balloon about to fly right over us! I slammed down the phone, and yelled, Everett! Hot air balloon! as I flipped off the stove and pulled him out of the sink. We ran down the hallway barefoot and burst outside just as it swooped down over the roof. It was incredibly low and close and large and Everett's eyes lit up like Christmas. We watched it for a good few minutes and listened to the heating flame ignite more frequently until it rose high above the trees and disappeared. It was such a treat to show him, I can't even tell you. And while I don't love the term magical, that's exactly what it was and we fancied it a good omen for the weekend. On Saturday we visited a few fall festivals. Yes, a few! This kind of town is so full of pumpkin and apple spirit, double bookings are necessary. It's SUCH A DRAG, this place. ;) On Sunday we packed a picnic lunch and drove up into the blue ridge mountains. The air was chillier than expected but I'm happy to report that our green valley is still looking very much like itself with excessive greenness all around. The warmer colors are just barely starting to tip some of the trees and September is doing us proud. I love getting to unplug on the weekends with these two. Share a bag of kettle corn together, and walk arm in arm. And chase after a little boy who's chasing after squirrels, if there happens to be any running by.


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