in the gardens

Wednesday, September 18

On the very first day that the heat and humidity truly gave way to the crisp and the cool, we went to the gardens at the Shenandoah museum. We got dressed in shorts and tees and sandals, the normal end of August/early September garb, and headed out. Only to turn on our heels and grab one more layer once the windy chill hit us. The great season of dryness is upon us, easterners! Tell your ponytails it's safe to come down now. I was so glad for this morning together. There was not a soul in sight. Well one soul. One, I would say 70-year-old soul, a marvelous tour guide. Just waiting by his post near the greenhouse, for the floods of people that I'm sure are usually there on Saturdays. When we came meandering around the corner, our little group of two and a half, it was as if he had been waiting for us all day. He looked over our shoulders, asking if this was it. And this was it. It seemed like a shame to waste such a wonderfully rehearsed monologue on just us. He was just jam packed with history and knowledge, and Everett considered him an authority on quite a few things, interrupting him and pointing to ask about the statues and the house. And he was quite obliged to answer.
I'm awfully glad for those places in the world that are specifically set aside for nothing but meandering. Meandering for hours and appreciating the work of truly talented gardeners and learning a little more about the history of the place you call home and chasing your littlest through a field with your other half.
This photo is actually not as posed as it looks. We had been holding hands when Tyson commented that my hands and feet are warmer now than they ever have been in the entire length of our marriage. {These newly toasty appendages are met with much rejoicing when he crawls into bed every night} I was just in the middle of telling him my theories on the matter when he snapped this.
He is so handsome, I can't get over him.


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