everett attends his first college football game, reacts accordingly

Wednesday, September 4

I don't want to say that I tricked Tyson into marrying me, but while we were dating, I didn't exactly play up the fact that football wasn't on my top 10 list of hobbies and pastimes. In fact, I have a distinct memory of painting my face in loyal colors and cheering quite convincingly at a game for one of our early dates. Young, blind love! What can I say. Tyson loves the game. Specifically the college version, and he was SO excited to take Everett to his very first one this last weekend. Father-son bonding time, totally living the dream. It was a BYU game, which is not OUR team, but it wasn't our arch nemesis either, and it was a short drive, so we called it good. I'm using a lot of "ours" here because I'm all about the team spirit when it comes to tailgating and potato salads. 
That whole day we'd spent with friends and family, bratwursting and the like and Everett played for hours and completely missed his nap. For a guy who likes his sleep, he really hung in there. He was so happy and just sat on my lap or ran down the aisles during the first quarter. But the very first moment that the entire bench in front of us stood up to cheer, Everett saw his chance. He slid off my lap and plopped himself, belly down on the bleacher. Completely broke my heart with his sweaty, tired head. I want to say that we've already grown out of the stage of parenting that compels you, for example, to take your 6-month-old to the zoo, and you are SO PUMPED for them to see all the animals, and then you get there and it's, well. He's not even looking at them. I want to say that we've grown wiser. But we brought our 1-year-old to a football game and still said things like, I can't wait to see his face when they run out onto the field! So.


Unknown said...

Was this the game against the University of Texas? Because that's my school's team, and y'all destroyed us :( sad day, haha

Rachel Emma
Daydream Frenzy

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