bloody knees and saying sorry

Thursday, September 26

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 Shoes: Target, Jeans: Target, Tee: H&M, Kimono: F21, Necklace: c/o Samantha Wills, Sunglasses: F21

A little story about Everett, which has nothing to do with this outfit, except that this t-shirt survived a bloody knee and lived to tell the tale.

So Everett skinned his knee. Not necessarily anything new, just the nature of the beast when you have fast little legs and a pair of shorts on. But this one was pret-ty bad. Everett has never cried from a skinned knee before, he'd just brush it off with a quick "oh no" and then scurry off on his merry way. Usually everything else going on around him is frankly just more interesting than his own knee. But this one. This one was big and bright red and happened so fast that he started to run off before he realized that things weren't feeling so good down in the knee regions. Everett has about 5 different cries and the one reserved for pain is definitely the saddest. Choking sobs, streaming tears and clutching arms around my neck. I will never forget the first time Everett said sorry. He bonked his own head while he was crawling underneath the kitchen table, and then apologized to himself. Which is THE stinking cutest thing you've ever heard. Until you, as a parent, might accidentally bonk his shoulder as you're closing the freezer door, and his sweet little voice says "sawwy mama." I mean, it's the sweetest, most heart breaking, guilt-trippy apology ever. And it makes you want to smooch him all over and promise that he never has to apologize for anything ever ever again. ;) This skinned knee was no different as he and his tender heart sobbed into my shoulder saying, "sawwy ... sawwy" over and over for falling down and hurting himself. As for the good news, he got to milk that healing knee for days on end. There were about two specks left to the thing when he was still rubbing it, scrunching up his nose and working that "owie" face. He knows how to get the extra kisses around here.


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