at the lake

Wednesday, September 4

This weekend felt like summer. Not a farewell to summer. But like a giant smile from lady summer herself, draping her hot humid arms around us and demanding our presence on the beaches of the nearest bodies of water for the entire weekend. On Monday, we went to Virginia Beach with Tyson's parents, but on Friday it was just us. We peeled some peaches and threw some measuring cups, kitchen tupperware {beach toys, you know} and books in a basket and drove the 20 minutes up to the green and quiet Lake Holiday. Everett is still of the opinion that sand is horrifying, so he sat on the edge of the towel and scooped and dumped to his heart's content and patted my leg whenever he had a toe that needed brushing off. He asked to play in the water constantly, but on the condition that he not actually touch the water, but be held slightly above it, just enough for his measuring cup to scoop the water up and toss it back in again. {And this request coming from the boy who grows gills at the sight of a swimming pool. He must have seen the sand at the bottom?} We obliged of course because I'm just assuming that these are your privileges when you're the first child and your parents aren't outnumbered yet. But also because of that giggle.


Priya said...

Woah I got to spend the weekend at Virginia Beach too, for my very first trip to Virginia! I loved it! Though it was very crazy around there so a retreat to the lake sounds equally nice!

perfectly priya

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