the county fair

Monday, August 5

We went to the county fair with some friends this weekend and headed straight for the animal barn, excited to show one little boy how all of his favorite animals look and sound in real life.
Initially, chickens are downright suspicious in real life.
But only for a second. Then they are fascinating. And there are rowwwws of them. Rows of bunnies and goats and sheep and cows and roosters and turkeys and they all sound so much cooler than they sound in the books.

This was taken right after one certain pointer finger reached up and made the fastest bunny touch known to man. He didn't want to PET it necessarily. Just prove to himself that he could do it, and then run away.
The horse barn. I would say that a good chunk of our fair time was spent there. There was a big wooden box right next to it that was filled with corn kernels and tractors galore and Everett's animal tour came to a screeeeeching halt the second he saw it. Nothing, not even the most beautiful horse, standing not 5 feet away, could distract him from the scooping and dumping that needed to be taken care of. We stood there behind him, waiting until he was done, completely bursting with happiness as we watched the focus and care that he was putting into what he was doing. Tractors and corn kernels for 30 minutes and inexplicably, everything about this is fulfilling.
He knows where the good stuff is.
This one breaks my heart a little bit. Last year, he was still very much a baby. But this year he had saucer eyes, taking it all in with enthusiastic pointing and, "WOAH. DAT!" This age makes the magic of a summer night at the carnival completely tangible. We were so pumped to take him on a few rides. Especially a round or two on the carousel together, since he loves those things with a fiery passion. But they upped the height requirement on all the rides this year, so he just had to watch. Next year, purple car. It's a date
And a smooch! On the best carnival ride ever made.


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