happy birthday to my man

Tuesday, August 27

Last week was Tyson's birthday, but I haven't had a chance to jump on my computer until now. So here is a very belated happy birthday post for the one I love. I like this picture because the second after I took it, I could already tell that someday it will be one of those pictures that he looks back on and says, wow look how young I was. 28 years young! You're looking at our son in this picture and I know that look well. We've exchanged that Can you believe this? He's ours? We made him? look many times since welcoming him into our lives and I adore getting to share those moments with you. The other day, our neighbors were opening their door, but Everett thought that it was our door being opened, so he squealed Daddy!!! and ran behind my legs and peeked around them so that he would be ready for you when you came through the door to play chase. Your son loves you deeply and I am constantly reminded that you are the best decision of my life whenever I watch you two together. Thank you for making me feel like the center of your world, no matter how busy you are or how much time you have to spend away. You are my love and my life and I'm so very grateful that I get to keep you around forever. Happy Birthday babe.


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