Tuesday, August 13

You are probably tired of hearing about my love for where we live by now. And I don't know that it's necessarily because of where we live, but this summer has been most especially good to us. I think this is the first August that I am not ready to welcome in fall, even with all of its crisp air and magnificent colors. I dread what comes after fall. It does rotten things to me. But right now in this glorious August I'm trying my very very best to live in the moment. To chase our summer down, with its pool days, and freshly cut grass, and late evening sunsets, until the green reluctantly runs into red and gold. It's in my time outside that I feel the most peace about things. That God is close. That I'm doing all right as a mom. That everything in my life is as it should be. That there can be peace found in the unknown too. You don't have to travel far out here to find that place, where everything is quiet and your universe centers. I suppose you don't really have to travel anywhere to feel that, but in some places it's just easier than others.


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