a cool week in august

Wednesday, August 21

My hair looks red, but that would be the sun. Shoes: Converse, Jeans: H&M, Tee: H&M, Sweater: H&M Men {similar}, Necklaces: Target, Von Eshna {old} and Urban Outfitters {old}

Speaking of not being ready to let the summer go, it was in the 70's this past week. 60 though, if you were to head outside at 7 am. It was crisp, and beautiful and no complaints here. Everyone is really starting to reap the benefits of their backyard gardens. Including us, the second-hand reapers. Our weekend dinner tables are filled with our friend's garden tomatoes and corn and peaches, homemade sour dill pickles and fresh herbs. And I know they're fresh because, well, if I had just baked a chicken with my very own rosemary, you can bet I'd be not even humble-bragging about it too. "What's that you're smelling? Oh yes. That's would be the fresh rosemary, just plucked from the garden. Right here on my goldenest of golden chickens. Should I tag Martha Stewart in this instagram?"
Truly though, the last few days have felt abundant. I got to talk with my sister who is over in Korea right now, go on a date with my husband, bury myself in a good book, and have found so much giddy excitement in Everett's interest in learning the alphabet. Life is good.

P.S. Just a reminder, today is the last day to get your entries into the H&M contest!


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