a bag full of summer

Tuesday, August 27

Is there anything more delicious than a sun-ripened peach fresh off the branch? I would argue that a strong case could be made for a toddler with a stuffed cheekful of that sun-ripened peach. One that's just a smidge too juicy for two tiny lips to contain. We went to a PYO fruit farm the other day, right before it closed so we were the only ones out there in those fields. It was hot and the air smelled sweet and Everett ran through the trees yelling, apple!? apple!? I had thought about making a peach cobbler or something while we were out picking, but after we got home, we all piled on the bed and shared a big bowl of peeled and cut peaches with just a little sugar sprinkled on top, and I'm thinking there's no way those things are lasting long enough to make anything out of them.
Right after we were done picking, we went over to our friend's house who just had their second baby a few days ago. That new little boy was sooooo tiny! You forget, you know? And then you look over at what you thought was your little baby and you're like, so do you have any colleges picked out yet, because you're huge. *sob!* Everett is veryyyyy wary of sharing me with other children, so I wasn't expecting much of the meet and greet. He's learning right now, but the few times that there have been other toddlers on my lap, a few tears have been shed over learning to share. Everett saw me with the baby and of course, wasn't thrilled/requested the use of my other arm. The three of us sat together on the couch and amazingly there were no tears! He shared beautifully and rubbed the baby's belly and was fascinated with the use of the pacifier.
Babies and peaches, man. The makings of a really really good night.


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