the one where everett bails his dad out of the doghouse

Wednesday, July 31

This weekend was gorgeous. The weather has been in the upper 70s over here and behaving much too perfectly for any July that I've ever known. We spent most of it together, putt-putt golfing at the park and cleaning up the house. We wrapped up the weekend at a friend's house in the late afternoon, ate dinner and then talked outside until sunset, or until Everett was just good and tired of being too little to ride along in the miniature pink Jeep with the bigger kids. The drive home ... oi. Our friends live on this gorgeous lake in the middle of the country, with a yard that makes us want to punch grad school tuition right in the nose. As we drove back, the pink clouded sky lit up the entire lake like it was covered in a layer of cotton candy. With the windows rolled down and a beautiful drive ahead of us, Tyson's hand found its way over on my side of the car. #romance #etc At some point, SOMEHOW, Tyson's arm pulled, got tangled and pop! my favorite necklace fell off my neck and onto his arm. Just fell right off with broken chain and all. Tyson's face registered simultaneous surprise and one million apologies, while I gathered the chain up and inspected the damage. My favorite one! I can't believe it just BROKE. And you, you broke it with your dang stinking arm! Of course, I knew that it had been an accident, and that yes, it was just a stupid awfully beautiful necklace after all, but sometimes your eyes just fill with fiery darts anyway.
Then, from the back seat of the car, there came a long, stiff gasp. Solemnly and slowly, Everett breathed out a sigh. OHHHH NOOOOO DADDYYYYY.
Fiery darts gone. We both burst out laughing while Tyson agreed with him. You're right buddy, Daddy's in TROU. BLE. Everett replied with another gasp, and a face similar to the ones made at the bottom of this post, because it's his signature move these days, and let out a hearty UH OH! in agreement. We could not stop laughing at his perceptiveness and desire to input on the conversation. Tyson felt so bad, there was hardly an end to the sincerest of apologies and vows to fix or replace if possible. But it didn't matter anymore and I felt awfully dumb for even having a reaction in the first place. The perspective gained from your child mirroring your reaction is shaming at its worst, hilarious at its best. But thank the heavens for that perspective, in whatever its form.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask where you found E's baby snapback?

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