the 4th of July and a weekend in our shenandoah

Friday, July 12

I have to admit something right now. We didn't stay up for fireworks on the 4th of July. Even worse, we were in bed, sprawled out like starfish and probably snoring I don't know, around 8:00. It's one-half the best idea we've ever had and one-half, the worst. Earlier in the week, we had gotten this tremendous idea that once Tyson met us down in Williamsburg, we'd all hit up Busch Gardens together. I'm a part-time roller coaster junkie so I was feeling really good about things, even though we all mutually agreed that we were probably idiots for going on a holiday. Turns out, everyone else assumed that Busch Garden was last place you should be on the 4th of July too, therefore making it the perfect place to be on the 4th of July. The longest we waited in line for a coaster was nine or ten minutes? Sometimes we just walked right on. We ran ourselves down to raggedy bones by the early evening. Including, if not especially, Everett, who pretzeled and merry-go-rounded his way to happiness and an early bedtime. Which brings us back to where we started. Everett and his old-as-crap parents, crashed out in the hotel by 8:00pm on the 4th of July. A gigantic bummer because it's one of my favorite holidays, but I think having a two-year old will be really great motivation for fireworks next year.

Once we returned home, we did take advantage of the blissfully long weekend that the celebration of this gorgeous country of ours afforded us. For a few days, we drove up into the mountains {hills, if you're a westerner} on Skyline Drive and what a drive it was, holy cow. WE LIVE HERE. It was truly therapy to hold hands with that sweet man of mine and talk forever, while we absorbed the green around us and watched our little boy do the same.


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