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Thursday, July 25

Shoes: Converse, Jeans: H&M, Top: UO, Hat: H&M

So remember in that episode of Boy Meets World when Topanga uses Cory's razor to shave her legs without telling him, nonchalantly giving it back to him with a, oh you don't mind do you? To which he says he doesn't, but inwardly he's cringing down to his very core? In this story, I would be the Topanga of the relationship, except as a borrower of hairbrushes and hats. {Though it has to be said that as far as Boy Meets World analogies go, I will probably always figure out a way to be the Topanga in the story. It's the girl crush that just won't die.} To the point, I use Tyson's hairbrush more often than I use my own. I use his hats more often than I use my own. There is no logical explanation for it except that it's love? True love? I can't tell you how many times I've walked into the bathroom to find my husband holding out his hairbrush, picking out the stragglers from my previous night's brushing. Admittedly we are long past the point of, oh you don't mind do you? and now approaching nearly perfectly rehearsed telepathic three-word conversations.
Him: SYD
Me: I know. 
And that's it! We then kiss over our mutual agreement to have the same conversation in the same place in approximately 24 hours.

On a realted note, sticking with protocol, the hat I'm wearing is my husbands. On an unrelated note, this week we are celebrating the official one-year mark that Tyson has been getting his MBA. It is unreal how hard he pushes himself every single day, I'm amazed and so so proud of him. One year down, only two to go! Exclamation point indicating that countdowns are fun and not depressing.


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