saturday night sushi

Tuesday, July 16

Skirt: ASOS, Belt: Delias {old}, Tee: Target, Necklace: UO, Sunglasses: Target, Hat: Free People, Shoes: Target
If there was ever such a thing as having a lucky food, sushi would be mine. You know what I mean? Like that one food that's never been associated with really horrible first dates, food poisoning, and/or shameful homemade experiences like the pork tacos, rama thai and peach cobbler before it. And I feel like this is cheating the social system somehow, because doesn't everyone have a bad gas station/whole foods sushi story? Doesn't raw fish have every right to be as unlucky as it wants? Yet it has only ever brought me good tidings of great dates. Never a food poisoning, never a shameful homemade experience, due to my personal gift to my family and friends being a guarantee that there's never actually going to BE a homemade experience. All this to say that this is what I wore on a Saturday night date with my husband. We walked downtown just the two of us and found THE BEST little sushi place in the world and the whole night felt really really lucky in a maybe mushy, I won't go into extra detail, sort of way. I will however, happily go into extra detail about that eel sauce anytime you'd like. Because holy crap.


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