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Monday, July 8

After Tyson's parents had found a new place, we used the rest of the week to explore their new area, with our first stop in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg of course. In some ways it reminded me a little of a more historically preserved version of Winchester with its old buildings and markets, which reminded me that I'm awfully spoiled rotten to be living in such a beautiful part of historic Virginia, just period. It was the perfect place to be on the week of the 4th. It seemed to give the patriotic undertones of the town and the actor performances an extra oomph of star-spangled American pride. And by the way, a round of applause for those townspeople who walk around all day dressed in their colonial garb in that kind of humidity index. {But surely the real hero would be the one doing the laundry?}
Everett, lover of things that say neigh, had all his dreams come true that day in the form of petting a real live horse.
And that little rosy-cheeked face. Traveling with a toddler is not always the easiest thing in the world. If I was ever granted three wishes, probably all of them would be used to get us a dark, cool room with a crib and a Wink at a moment's notice. Sometimes you just have to retreat to the corner that is farthest from human ears as possible, and sit together, or you know, back-bend if you really need to, until perhaps a strumming minstrel walks by and distracts with all of his minstrel-ness. And then! After lunch, in a culminating moment of glory, THERE IS SLEEP.
Such a trooper.
And not that anyone would need an extra excuse to go visit this lovely place, but seriously how great is it that my in-laws are moving down here?


Anonymous said...

Wow this place looks totally surreal! So much to see and to love.

Cee. ♥
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