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Wednesday, July 17

Since moving to Winchester, Tyson and I have had the chance to work closely with the youth programs in our church group. It's been an incredible, challenging, but sweetly rewarding experience to do it together. {And actually easier? Planning meetings in your pj's man!} As part of that, tomorrow morning we'll both be leaving bright and early to accompany the youth on a trip up to New York for the next three days.
Tonight I drove out to the country hilltops where our sweet friends live and where Everett will be staying while we're away, to set his bed up and lay him down for the night so that he won't have to get up early with us tomorrow. On the way up, we came across some miniature horses with fabulous bangs and stopped to hang out with them for a bit. And I do not know WHY tonight was such a tear jerker for me. It seems as if the older he gets, the harder it is for me to let him out of my sight. But as I watched him pet those horses and tried to savor the last of the evening light with him, my heartstrings just pulled and tugged inside me, so grateful that this little gentle soul was even mine at all. When we got to the house, I started to unload the 500 things that I'm absolutely SURE he'll need during the next three days ;) and watched as Everett ran off with his newest friends: the younger children, the three cats, and the curly family dog, without looking back. He is going to have the time of his life this weekend. Still, I cried a silent tear or two while I rocked him to sleep, praying quietly that he would feel safe and happy and loved while we were away, and I cried as I drove away, keeping an eye on the bedroom window where I knew he was sleeping until it was out of sight. Like a giant baby pretty much. But I'm excited to hear how much fun he's going to have while we're away! Our friends are incredible people and we're SO so grateful for them, loving on Everett like he was the very youngest of their clan.
All of my mom blubbering aside, I really am so excited to be able to take this trip with my husband for three whole days! It's going to be beautiful up there. Like a vacation sort of! With 200 teenagers ;)


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