how about a review in the name of this dang humidity and its accompanying frizz

Tuesday, July 9

It’s no secret that I’m pretty rough on my hair. I am a serial box-color customer, resulting in tresses that have seen pretty much every shade in the book, from platinum blonde to jet-black. On the day that I accidentally dyed my hair jet-black, I dressed for school in an all-black outfit too, in hopes of blending. Or something. Mostly I was just hoping that I could pull off what Cameron Diaz pulled off in 2007 when she showed up at the People’s Choice Awards with a newly darkened ‘do and dressed head-to-toe in black. But things are different when you don’t look like Cameron Diaz. Instead, you walk into class and your best friend mumbles under her breath, “What did you DO!?” And you just want to slip quietly under your desk and shave my head.
Gone are the jet-black days, {knock on wood} but I still like to mess around with color both at home and in the salon every so often. Not often enough for an intervention, but too often for my ends to really TRULY forgive me, you know? I also live in almost 100-percent humidity during the East Coast summers, which normally means that my hair is going to be in a pony-tail or messy-bun every single day. The frizz situation can get out of control and quickly. So when Pantene approached me to try out its new Advanced Keratin Repair, it was a no-brainer. Anything that promises to smooth and repair, I am game to try.
I tried the products for a week straight. I used the Advanced Keratin Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Split End Fuser, and 60-second Therapy Ampoules. As you can see, my natural texture before was meh and looked like the beginnings of a great 1980s hairdo.
I noticed the biggest difference with the Advanced Keratin 60-second Therapy Ampoules. I’ve used hot oil on my hair before and the results were similar: shinier, softer hair but without the extra task of having to heat the oil up. The instructions said that the product could be used every so often or every day, so I used mine every day just so that I could see more noticeable results.
This is a photo of my natural texture after using the complete Advanced Keratin Repair products for a week. No curling iron. Just me and my colored-humidity-exposed hair.  Overall, the product made my hair easier to work with and style. I still get some wild curly hairs while outside during the day, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as what it was. Mostly because it lets me get away with letting my hair air-dry. Because nothing is worse than 10 minutes under a blow-dryer in this heat, am I right?

* This is a sponsored post for Pantene, and thank you so much for supporting this review! I'm always excited to share a good product when I find it.


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