everett takes the beach

Wednesday, July 10

We took Everett to the beach for the very first time last week, almost right after we pulled into town. We were still in our jeans and without any beach gear but we wanted to take off our shoes and rub our feet in the sand anyway. I use WE, liberally. I took Everett's shoes off while I was holding him and leaned down so that he could stand. His ten toes went down and his ten toes came up. NO-NO-NO! he says. Bent at the waist, still holding him, I reached down and touched the sand with my fingers, showing him that it was nice and soft. I wiggled my toes deeper and attempted to convince him with my very best mom convincing how good it feels on your feet and in between your toes. Kind of the equivalent of making futile mmmmmm! noises when I'm trying to get him to eat something. And it worked equally as well. He pointed at his toes and made the noise that he makes when he wants me to know that he's not as neat and tidy as he'd like to be, so I brushed him off, put his shoes back on and we walked down to the water. He held my hand extra tight and stared suspiciously into the gray tide and then decided it was certainly time to go.
Later on in the week, we made our second beach attempt and Everett could hardly contain his excitement.
My brave boy and I, we sat on a beach towel with all limbs contained, and cuddled and listened to {and kept a very close eye on} the ocean from a safe distance for a looooong while. We watched the birds hopping on the sand around us while I rubbed his legs. I wanted him to feel safe in his spot on my lap even while we sat amongst the suspiciousness around him. And it started to work. When he was really good and sure that the waves weren't coming any closer, he relaxed a bit and we broke out some snacks and drinks and ate them with fancy leg tricks to avoid any sand that might've felt like being pesky.
After an even longer while, we really started to let our hair down. Which is what Nana's and Papa's are the best at. Give Everett a Papa and a baseball hat and suddenly it's all BEACH, WHAT BEACH, THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
Then things took a turn for the serious. He decided that he wanted a mama who was on a different towel, ON THE OTHER SIDE of a sand patch. Everett stopped what he was doing and with one quick motion, broke out his ninja hands. The time had come to face the worst of the worst, the great and the terrible.
And gosh darn if he didn't walk across that sand patch like he'd been doing it his whole life. With very little coaxing and many cheers and a thick layer of concentration on his face.
The day ended with a triumphant wade into the water with Papa, where they took turns splashing water on each others heads. And that was that. His official indoctrination into beach-bumhood. This ocean done been conquered.


Unknown said...

He is so adorable! The cautious hands as he steps on the hands just kills me! Too cute!

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