a week with Nana and Papa

Monday, July 8

This last week was a rare breed of spontaneity and last-minute plans and muggy, hot summer goodness, and now here we are back at Monday again and I finally have WIFI so let's do this thang. Blog catch-up in 3, 2, 1.
Last week, Tyson's parents came out to spend the weekend with us and crash on a mattress on our living room floor {only the best of the best at hotel Poulton!} BECAUSEEEEE they were on their way to house hunt right outside of Williamsburg, VA. To live! Booyah! That would be a mere THREE hours away. So we are stoked, our living room is stoked, my beach towels are stoked {we can actually walk to the beach from their new place} and most importantly Everett is over the MOON with happiness that his Nana and Papa are going to be so close by. The plan was for Tyson's parents to stay for the weekend, head down to Williamsburg to find a place, and then we'd drive down later and meet them there for the 4th. But then they invited Everett and me to come down with them earlier, since Tyson was going to be gone at work and school all day anyway. And who are we to say no to a week by the ocean with our newest favorite Virginianites? So we packed our bags lickety-split and last-minute road tripped it. And for real it was the best week ever, not even saying that to be polite.

But first, speaking of things that are the best ever, this little performance happened last weekend and ohmygosh would YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE.
This one probably wins the entire thing ^
The shoulders and everything. 


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