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Friday, June 28

This morning after I got Everett out of his crib, he ran straight for the living room in his diaper. I didn't see what he was doing once he rounded the corner, but apparently I was taking much too long to walk down the hall for his liking. He ran back, grabbed my hand and pulled me along, bringing me over to the desk where his crayons are kept. As soon as I opened the drawer and pulled them out, he gasped dramatically. One thing to know about Everett is that he is the most easily-impressed person you will ever meet. He set his crayons down on the floor and then came back to where I was sitting in the arm chair, took my phone, brought it over to where our ipod player sits on top of the bookshelf, and reached up on his tipi-toes, looking back at me expectantly as if to say, I would like to request some music, mom! Yesterday, my sister had sent me a link to a Simon and Garfunkel song we had grown up on, and I listened to it ... 8 times? For Emily Whenever I May Find Her. Listen to it, and warm your soul by the fire that is the Simon and GAR.FUNK.EL classics. On a mostly unrelated side note, my mom used to put on puppet shows for us when we were little with these two green monster feet, just big enough to stick on the ends of your fingers. We named the character Garfunkel and she had this amazing garfunkel-y monster voice and everything. The whole production was wildly entertaining as you can imagine. So ANYWAY. Everett colored to our dear, dear S&G this morning and it was as beautiful a moment as 7:30am has ever brought.
Our errands this morning came to a screeching halt when I drove past an outdoor market with tons and TONS of woven baskets stacked and hung like manna from heaven. In order to appreciate exactly how much they looked like manna from heaven, you would have to know how long I have searched for these things, and how I was thisss close to resorting to Amazon just for a really really small one. This story is getting more interesting by the second. Point is, I did a little whoop and we marched right into the market to get us some baskets! And it was suuuuch a good market.
The second we walked in, three women who worked there came up to us offering samples of sweet peaches and cantaloupe and apples. Probably on account of Everett looking like a real sweet peach himself. One of the women who had two grandchildren of her own, asked if Everett like apples, took one off the shelf, peeled and cut it into slices and gave it right to him. Which was great since apples are Everett's second favorite food next to milk and french fries. And I know it probably wasn't a huge deal to them, but it's a big deal to me when people are so kind and just slice up a snack for my baby, totally free, just like that.
 These smelled so good.
We picked up some eggs and grapes and that stinking beautiful, victorious basket and then headed out, but Everett found some checkers on the way so we hung out a little longer.
And also made sure to wave every time the man on the lawn-mower passed us by.
I swear, everything is fun with this guy.


Bets said...

We had that song sung during our wedding reception. ♡

I had a similar experience to yours at our local farmer's market, and it really makes my day to see people smiling at the kids and including them rather than giving them the stink eye. My little ones have a new love of blackberries now. :)

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